About Me

I work as a Research Scientist at Google, where I use machine learning and data mining techniques in order to build novel privacy and security features. I have a PhD on the privacy of context-aware mobile networks from EPFL (Switzerland), where I investigated privacy issues at different layers of the network stack, and I proposed privacy-enhancing mechanisms for information-sharing that work across different layers.

From 2010 until 2012, I worked in collaboration with the Nokia Research Center on privacy challenges in pervasive mobile networks, encompassing data privacy, social community privacy, location privacy and information-sharing. In 2013, I spent the summer at PARC (a Xerox Company), working on topics related to private data analytics. I am a co-inventor on several privacy-related patents filed by Nokia and PARC.


You can reach me on: igor.bilogrevic@gmail.com


Research Interests

I am interested in several domains broadly related to privacy and security, including:

  • Applications of machine learning for privacy
  • Privacy and security controls on Android
  • Private data analytics
  • Location privacy
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Applied cryptography
  • User experience


Prior Research Topics

I worked on the following topics related to privacy, most of which in collaboration with the Nokia Research Center (more information available here):

  • Data privacy (availability, location)
  • Social communities and relationships privacy
  • In-device privacy control for mobile devices
  • Location privacy
  • Privacy in UMTS/LTE cellular networks
  • Security in vehicular networks


Recent Publications

The full list of my publications is available on my Google Scholar profile.